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How To Pick The Best Wedding Hairstyle To Go With Your Dress

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Most brides pick their wedding dress before they start considering other things like the wedding hairstyle and the shoes and other accessories.

The hairstyle is the crowning glory of the bride’s look on her wedding day. The wrong wedding hairstyle can take the focus away from the beautiful dress and ruin the bride’s entire look. To do justice to your dress, you need to choose a hairstyle that will complement it and show it off to the fullest.

This guide will help:

1. Sweetheart or strapless neckline dress
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The open neckline gives the bride many options. She can choose an updo to show off her shoulders and collarbones, leave her hair down without overwhelming the dress, or choose a half up half down style for the best of both worlds.

2. High neckline
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if your dress has a high neckline, your best option is an updo. This leaves the details of the dress undisturbed and doesn’t draw attention away from it. It also adds height to your look, so that you don’t look dwarfed in the dress. Take care that the style is simple and classy, so that your entire look is not too busy.

3. V-neck or plunging neckline

This bride can rock a simple, wavy hairstyle that brushes her shoulders. Side-swept styles and loose updos are also a great option.

4. Backless dress

The aim is to show off your back. Updos and side-swept low styles will do justice to this dress. Keep the focus on the back by using hairpieces that sweep up your hair and draw the eyes.

5. Ball gown

Ball gowns or princess gowns are very extravagant and so the hairstyle should be sophisticated and simple. The traditional hairstyle for a princess dress is a bun, which keeps the face exposed and leaves all attention to the dress.

The more details your dress has, the simpler your hairstyle should be. Don’t forget the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a wedding hairstyle: when in doubt, go with an updo.

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Before you get to the wedding hairstyle, you should have chosen your dress first. Here’s the guide on choosing the best wedding dress for your body shape.



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