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How To Handle Being On Your Period During Your Honeymoon

period on your honeymoon
A lot of brides have one worry: what if you get your period on your wedding day? That means that not only do you have to bleed in your beautiful white dress, but you might also be on your period during your honeymoon!

Lucky for you, we have some tips that will definitely help you to enjoy your honeymoon even while on your period:

Don’t swim

If your honeymoon is in the tropics where there’s lots of water and sand, then you might have to remove swimming from your list of activities. Don’t worry, you can still soak up the sun lounging by the beach with a delicious drink in your hand.

period on your honeymoon

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What about sex?

You can have sex too! According to our sexpert @oloricoitus, having sex is totally safe when you are on your period! If you’re a heavy bleeder, hold off till the third or fourth day and consummate your marriage.

In case messy period sex is not your thing, there are other options. Have you ever heard of a menstrual cup? It’s a disc that can be worn for up to 12 hours! Not only will you have a stainless wedding, but if properly inserted, you can also have sex on your wedding night and neither you nor your partner will feel a thing! With the disc in, you can swim, dance, and have fun without worry.

period during your honeymoon

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Rethink your outfits

Avoid white outfits so you won’t be so anxious about getting stained that you forget to have fun.

Delay the honeymoon

If none of these options works for you, then just delay your honeymoon for a week. You and hubby can take your time to plan the fun!

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We have great tips for dealing with your period on your wedding day! Check it out here.

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