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Give Your Guests These Unique Souvenirs After They Buy Your Aso-Ebi

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Picking a special aso-ebi souvenir these days can prove quite difficult. You want your guests to buy your aso-ebi and reduce their screaming at the price once they see the souvenir. Wouldn’t it be amazing to put a lot of thought into the souvenir they will get, seeing as they paid so much?

That’s why we are here! Your wedding has to be lit and the aso-ebi souvenir can’t stop its shine!

Before we go on, when picking your souvenir, keep three things in mind:

  • Is it worth it when considering the price of the aso ebi?
  • Is it thoughtful?
  • Will it make my guests smile?

This fraction of guests are giving you money to contribute to your wedding’s fashion glamour, so you don’t want to disappoint them!

Check out these fun ideas below:

1. Goodie Bags

If you want to be extra creative with this, you could have a goodie box instead of a bag, but we’ll leave that to you. This is an aso-ebi souvenir that will have your guests “hmm-ing” once they open it. Have goodies like Scented Jar Candles, branded wedding mugs, a branded sleep mask, a branded key chain and a “thank you” cupcake box in there. Lovely scents have a way of adding that extra magic to your wedding experience.

Worthy Aso-Ebi Souvenir Ideas For Your Wedding Guests

(Photo: Scent of Blanc)

2. Potpourri

Now, we are using this word for its mixture side and not its spices side. However if you want, you definitely could add spices to yours; it’s your wedding afterall! Fill this mixture with something for the kids or adults with sweet-tooths. We are sure they will smile so hard at you. Have Mason Jars filled with either bits of chocolates or M&Ms or candy in this mixture. You can also include some scented incense sticks, an empty flower vase and a collapsible laundry bag in it.

Worthy Aso-Ebi Souvenir Ideas For Your Wedding Guests

(Photo: WelcomeToBratislava)

3. Branded Wedding Tote Bags

You might wanna add a few goodies in here too. We agreed that your aso-ebi souvenir will be thoughtful, remember?

aso ebi

(Photo: Instagram/Toke Makinwa)

4. Electric Barbecue Grill

Now, wouldn’t that be something?! Every time a guest grills in their homes (actually outside it because we don’t want any accidents), they remember you! They remember that they got this grill from your wedding and trust us, thoughtful gifts like these always come with long term memories.

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5. Hair Curler and Dryer

This is better suited for your girls. You probably sold them ore-iyawo (friends of the bride) aso-ebi and a lot of ladies barely have hair dryers and hair curlers at home. We fantasize about them and procrastination keeps us from really buying them. Why not break that wall with these?

aso ebi

(Photo: Snap Deal)

6. Beach Goodies

Let’s say you were looking at having your wedding at the beach. What better way to complement this theme than to give out beach-themed souvenirs? Why not get your guests a colorful beach bag that includes trendy sunglasses, a pair of flip-flops and a selfie stick for nice pictures?

Worthy Aso-Ebi Souvenir Ideas For Your Wedding Guests

(Photo: Chapman at Sea)

7. Hair Clippers

This will definitely pop for a male version of your souvenirs. Hair curler and dryers for the ladies, Hair clippers for the men. How does that sound? We know what you’re thinking and we can always match it!

8. Blenders/Ice-cream Makers

In this fitfam era, blenders will work perfectly. Most people want to keep their pepper blender separate from their smoothie blenders and this would be fitting for that purpose. Also, who have you met that would not like an ice-cream maker? We know we would!

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