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Alternative Wedding Reception Venues Couples Should Consider

alternative wedding reception venues
When it comes to weddings in Nigeria, couples have two options: indoor or outdoor receptions. The options for alternative wedding reception venues are very limited, but we’re limited by our imagination.

Maybe you don’t want a hall like everybody else, or you can’t afford it. Don’t worry, we made a list of alternatives for your wedding reception that are quite cheap too. For couples that want to do something different or can’t afford a hall the size of a small community, these options are for you:

alternative wedding reception venues

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After the wedding ceremony, everybody can just head down to your favourite restaurant. Some restaurants will let you hire out the space for a couple of hours. You can pick one that has space for dancing to your favourite songs. 

alternative wedding reception venues

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We love this trend because you can have both the solemnisation and reception in one place. There are so many beaches to choose from, and you can choose to just have a laid back beach party or hire out a private beach.

alternative wedding reception venues

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If your family house has a backyard with enough space for your guests, this is perfect for an intimate wedding. With a few seats and decorative lighting, backyard weddings are romantic and cheap.

alternative wedding reception venues

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We mean that football field around your area, or an actual public park-either way, all you need is permission from the city council, seats and a canopy to get the party started.

Dinner at home
alternative wedding reception venues

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For the very very low key couple, a quiet dinner at home with a few friends and family will save you a lot of money and the intimacy is perfect.

These ideas will save you money and time, and make for very nice photos too!

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