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How To Rock An Affordable Wedding Gown And Still Look Trendy

affordable wedding gown
Every girl dreams of wearing an amazing, maybe perfect wedding gown on her big day. It is a big deal and without it, the day is incomplete for her.

Getting an affordable wedding gown to fit the trendy picture of your dreams may be difficult, but not impossible.

affordable wedding gown

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With that in mind, here are some tips to rock an affordable wedding gown that is still stunning:

1. Have a simple wedding

One of the factors that usually affect a bride’s choice of wedding gowns is the type of wedding itself. If you’re considering a wedding like Kim & Kanye’s, then your dress will have to live up to that standard. However, a very simple wedding is not a bad idea. It gives you the opportunity to really shine in your affordable wedding gown.

affordable wedding gown

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2. Buy your dress from sample sales

Did you know you can get a designer wedding gown at a discount? A lot of bridal salons offer clearance sales for sample wedding dresses. What better opportunity to look classy and save money all at once!

affordable wedding gown

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3. Wear A White Bridesmaid Dress

This is an unexplored great idea. Think about it: bridesmaid dresses are cost effective and look amazing and no one will really be able to tell the difference, so why not? Accessorize and let your makeup really pop to complement the dress.

affordable wedding gown

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4. Consider wedding gowns in alternative colours and styles
affordable wedding gown

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Another great idea is to try a wedding gown in a different colour, or in a style that is not “bridal”. This can easily help you sidestep the huge bill attached to anything under the term “bridal”. Plus, it’ll be unique and you’ll make a statement on your big day. Your dream wedding dress just became an affordable wedding gown!

affordable wedding gown

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Here are some ideas on how to make your budget wedding look expensive.

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