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Here Are 5 Things You Should Include In Your Wedding Invitation Card

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Designing, packaging, and sending out a wedding invitation card is a major task. If you’re getting confused about what goes where, we’ve compiled a helpful guide on the five things to add to your wedding invitations.

So, wondering what to include in a wedding invitation card?

You should add:

The invitation

This might seem very obvious, but most couples still forget the basics like time, date and venue. Make sure to check over your invite, and then check again!

wedding invitation card

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Reception venue and details

Just in case you don’t want everyone that came to the church to show up at the reception, you might need a separate reception card. If you don’t want that, you should add the venue and time of the reception to the wedding invitation card.


No one wants to get lost, so you can add the details of how to get to the venue. It can be like a map, or you can just add a landmark in that area that they can use to find their way.

wedding invitation card

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This is usually overlooked, but adding the name of the guest to the card personalises the card. This is also a great opportunity to add whether plus ones are allowed or not.

Wedding colours

Not everyone can buy your aso ebi, and your guests in this category will thank you when they see the colours. This gives them the opportunity to make your wedding even more colourful by wearing what they can afford.

Wedding invitation cards

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Need some creative wedding invitation card ideas? Here are some ideas.

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