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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

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Pre-wedding photo shoots are growing in popularity, so it’s no wonder that everyone looks forward to them.

Just in case you’re wondering if you really need to have a pre-wedding photo shoot, we have some reasons to convince you:

1. It helps to create a buzz

A pre-wedding photo shoot creates awareness for the wedding and creates organic publicity for the intending couple. Your friends can use the pictures and make your hashtag trend on social media.

2. Free makeup session

A photo shoot before the wedding enables the bride to get a free hair and makeup trial from her stylist and makeup artist to see how she looks in photos. Your wedding is too important for trial and error on the big day.

pre-wedding photo shoot

(Photo: Obi Nwokedi)

3. You can test out your photographer

A third reason to have a pre-wedding photo shoot is to enable the couple to get comfortable with their photographer. Some people are naturally camera shy so having a photo session before the wedding will help to ease that discomfort.

4. It helps you build an album

Having a pre-wedding photo shoot gives you a wide variety of pictures to choose from to create a photo album. You can use these photos to build a picture timeline of your relationship.

5. Wedding stationery

A very important reason to have a photo shoot before the wedding is to give the couple a lot of pictures to choose for their souvenirs and wedding programme. So, book that appointment and start making memories.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

(Photo: Event Forte)

In the spirit of memories, check out these heartwarming military-themed pre-wedding pictures.

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