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4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

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A destination wedding should be standing tall in the hall of fame of wedding plans. Here’s why:
1. Custom made

It gives you an opportunity to have a personal touch in your wedding. Ranging from what to wear, to how to act, to ditching traditional clichés; you get to have a memorable wedding in your style, and without prying eyes and pressure.

2. Low-Key

If you’re like many people we know, you may not want to have a crowded wedding. The one that has family, friends and friends’ of friends of the family. The list is never-ending. Without judging, we get why some people might feel like this, and there’s a solution. A destination wedding. This works because the crowd won’t follow you everywhere.

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(Photo: AkintayoTimi via Bella Naija)

3. Cost

With a destination wedding, you can control two of the most expensive parts of a wedding:

  • The number of guests to cater for: A destination wedding already cuts down your guest list by a lot, so you’ll definitely save cost.
  • The honeymoon destination: If you pick your honeymoon destination as the wedding destination, you not only get to have two honeymoons, but you can cut down on the cost of organizing a wedding and still travelling for a honeymoon.
4. Extraordinary Photos

There’s no way photos in the local church or the hotel across the road will beat pictures from a place you’ve never been to or a place you’ve always dreamt of going (these are the 2 most common destination wedding choice factors).

destination wedding

(Photo: AkintayoTimi via Bella Naija)

If you’re looking for memories that will leave you nostalgic for years to come, having a destination wedding might just be the choice for you. All packed yet?

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