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3 Bridal Bouquet Alternatives For Stylish Brides

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In this era where you don’t have to wear white and your wedding gown can have pockets… Who says you have to hold a bouquet at your wedding. Or anything at all.

These bridal bouquet alternatives are great for any stylish bride:

1. Fleur-feather fan

Most traditional wedding attires in recent times aren’t complete without a hand fan… Who says you can’t pull that off for your white wedding. It’ll be a double kill.

bridal bouquet

(Photo: Rock and Roll bride)

2. Balloons

More points if the balloons are the colour of your wedding gown. For a bride who is really crazy about balloons, this will be amazing.

bridal bouquet

(Photo: Bellwether events)

3. Fabrics

There are different amazing fabrics to use to create something you can hold instead of a bridal bouquet. The best kinds of fabric are the ones that are firm but not so strong.

bridal bouquet

(Photo: Rock and Roll Bride)

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