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10 Things You Should Remember When Planning Your Wedding

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These are the 10 things you should know before your wedding if you don’t want to be cut unawares.

Don’t have the wedding you think you’re supposed to have, have the wedding you and your fiancé want. These are the 10 things you should know and have at the back of your mind as your big day fast approaches.



1. You don’t have to wear heels — and your feet will thank you.

If your dress is floor length, you can absolutely do without the heels. Get nice wedding  pumps instead and your feet will be grateful.

2. Tell your photographer what you want in advance.

Just so you don’t end up with a thousand pictures of the same thing, let your photographer know your expectation. To be on the safe side, assign someone to work with him. Make sure the person you assign is very familiar with your close family and friends so the photographer can capture memorable scenes and important people.

10 things you should know before your wedding day

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3. #SocialMedia is obviously a big deal, so figure out how to incorporate it — or not — into your wedding.

If you want people to share their pictures from your wedding with you, then you need to coin a nice hashtag for your wedding. Try considering your name, your husband’s name and maybe the year. You are not restricted to this. Go ahead and be creative with it. Discuss sharing photos on social media BEFORE the wedding, and let your friends and family know whether or not it’s OK with you if they share, or if you would prefer that they don’t.

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4. DIY is never as easy as it seems

If you can, leave DIYs to another time. Work with professionals (makeup artists,  for the best result…except you’re a professional.

5. Try not to freak out about the tiniest of details. It’s not what matters in the end.

No one will remember your tiny details — like fancy napkins, your perfect wedding program, or your cool charger plates. Your guests will remember the way they felt as you say ‘I do.’ If you can’t remember what someone else’s place cards looked like, chances are no one will remember yours

7. Pause. Breathe. Keep calm

Need we say enjoy yourself? It’s your big day. Have fun and don’t worry. Everything will pan out well.

8. Whether your vendors misbehave or not, they can’t ruin your day if you don’t allow them to

If you have this at the back of your mind, nothing can turn you into a Bridezilla. You’ll be in control of your emotions.

9. Wedding night is for sleeping…lol. Don’t expect too much.

10. Have a wedding day emergency kit

Have a Plan B for your Plan B. This survival kit will see you through the day no matter what comes your way.

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