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How To Write A Proper Apology Message

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Writing an apology message is not always as easy as it sounds. As awesome as we all like to think we are, we all slip up sometimes, so knowing how to write an apology message in a pinch will help you out. There’s the fact that you have to deal with lots of other imperfect humans like you every day in different situations – at work, at home, in the commute, and even online 🙄 , so knowing how to apologize properly is pretty important.
Here’s what you should know when you have to write an apology message:
1. Be aware of what you did wrong

A proper apology can only be made when you realize what you did wrong and feel regret for taking that action.

2. Admit your wrongdoing
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Admitting what you’ve done wrong to someone who is probably mad at you is a brave thing to do, and doing so actually disarms them of their anger, making them more receptive to your apology and willing to make amends.

3. Apologize
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Even when we know we are wrong and that we’ve hurt someone, most of us are still too proud to apologize and this takes a serious toll on our relationships.

4. Offer a solution 

This could mean a sincere promise to not repeat the action again or a commitment to doing certain things that ensures the offending action is repeated. This makes the person you’ve offended feel better about the situation because they can tell that you’re taking the situation seriously. We all like to feel important you know.

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Just in case, you can learn how to write an apology letter for when you’re at work here.




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