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What Women With Big Boobs Should Look For In A Bra

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It’s really hard to find your perfect bra size when you have big boobs. The cup is either perfect and the band too small or too big or the band is big but you can’t find the perfect cup. When you do find the perfect band and cup size, the bra looks like it belongs to your granny. Sometimes you feel like there’s just no bra in the world made for you.

Fret no more, we have gone far and wide and asked experts in the bra field to help us help you, and they’ve offered a few tips on what ladies with big boobs should look for when shopping for the perfect bra.

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1.     Accept that you might be wearing the wrong size bra

80% of women in the world are wearing the wrong size bra and like it or not, you might be one of them. The sooner you accept this, the easier it becomes to find a solution.

2.     Get Fitted

Go to a reputable lingerie shop and get fitted to find your actual bra size. Some stores you can visit to get a proper fitting are Whispers Nigeria and Brief essentials

3.     Dress comfortably for bra shopping

When you’re going bra shopping it is essential that you dress comfortably, preferably in one layer clothing as you will have to take it off a few times to test your bra.

What Women With Big Boobs Should Look For In A Bra

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4.     Try the bra on

Do not. Absolutely do not buy a bra from any store without first testing it. If you have big boobs you need to find out just how fitting the bra is and if it’s the right size. Avoid bras that spills your boobs out over the sides.

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5.     Get a second opinion

Always go bra shopping with a trusted friend and adviser, usually the brutally honest one. Ask them what they think of the bra and let them analyse the look of the bra.

6.     Pay attention to the band and straps

Make sure the band of your bra sits comfortably at your back and doesn’t move when you move your hands and the strap doesn’t slide off easily. This is the support system of your bra and should be just that. Supporting.

What Women With Big Boobs Should Look For In A Bra

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7.     Find out the shape of your boobs

Different bra styles and types are made for different boob shapes, especially when you have big boobs. Find out the shape of your boobs and what bra style fits.

8.     Switch your bras regularly

Wearing one bra regularly will make the bra wear and slack faster. Always have at least three bras that you can interchange as you use. This helps your bras last longer and delays the harrowing shopping experience.

So ladies, We hope these tips help you when next you go bra shopping. Tell us your bra shopping tips and rules in the comment section.

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