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Why Every Woman Needs To Have A Gynaecologist

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It is advisable for every young girl who has reached the age of puberty to see a gynaecologist regularly. We have a tendency to allow our health take a back seat until it becomes a matter of life or death.

Experts suggest that women should start seeing a gynaecologist from about the age of 13 – 15. Why do you need a gynaecologist? Consider these three main reasons:

To keep from getting the wrong information

When you have a doctor you’ve forged a relationship with over the years, you become more comfortable with discussing certain things with them. It’s easy to go see any doc for a headache or a cough. But discussing your sexual health with some random person can prove to be daunting. So if you don’t have a go-to gynaecologist, you may find yourself in a jam.

In fact, your fear of speaking to a ‘stranger’ can lead you to go to the wrong places to get your answers, such as the internet – which happens to be the wrong place to go for health issues. You may end up being provided with the wrong info which can quickly make a bad situation worse.

see a gynaecologist

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Your history is important

One of the reasons why you don’t type a bunch of symptoms into the Google search box and expect an accurate diagnosis is because the search engine isn’t taking your history into consideration. However, when you have a gynecologist, they will ask certain questions and/or refer to past issues before coming up with a treatment plan that works specifically for you.

You can recognize potential issues

When you have a gynaecologist and go in for regular check-ups, you can recognize problems that may affect you in the long run. For example, a sexually active lady in her teens or 20s may learn about a condition that could affect fertility in the future. Being able to foresee these problems helps prepare you for any future repercussions.

see a gynaecologist

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