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What To Do When Your Partner Isn’t Sexually Adventurous

sexually adventurous
If you want a healthy sex life, it’s important that you find a partner with whom you’re sexually compatible. But what happens when you’re more willing to push the boundaries of conventional than your partner is?

When you’re sexually adventurous in bed and your partner prefers to stay vanilla, you may have some problems. For one thing, you may start feeling like your needs aren’t being met which can make your man feel inadequate. How do you handle situations like these?

sexually adventurous

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Talk about it

A lot can be achieved in a relationship when two partners learn to express their needs in an effective manner. Talk to your man about your fantasies and a few things you’ll like to try in bed. If he has reservations, encourage him to share them. Perhaps he’s feeling insecure or worried about a less-than-desirable outcome. If you can talk about it, you will understand each other much better. You may alleviate his concerns and he also gets to see things from your perspective.

Start small

Maybe you have role-playing fantasies or you’d like to try bondage sex. When you’re sexually adventurous, it’s crucial to take things slow with a new partner. For example, you can take the first steps into role-playing by simply talking the part instead of acting/dressing it. As for tying him up, start doing this during foreplay instead of the whole sex session. Give him a chance to get comfortable.

sexually adventurous

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Respect his boundaries

It’s possible that a compromise cannot be reached in situations like this. If your partner is not sexually adventurous and just isn’t into all that kink, you should respect his boundaries. Don’t sulk or resort to anger if he doesn’t like what you do in the bedroom. If you cannot find a middle ground, it’s possible that you’re just not compatible in the bedroom. You should consider ending the relationship especially when you know you cannot be satisfied with what he’s offering.

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