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5 Benefits Of Vaseline You Probably Didn’t Know

Vaseline blue seal is one product you’ll rarely find in a grown woman’s room. We like things that are soft, scented and come in beautiful packages and this product doesn’t fit any of those descriptions. However, it’s probably more useful than a lot of the other products we have and most of us don’t even know it.

Here are 5 health and beauty benefits of Vaseline you probably didn’t know:

1. Heal Scrapes and Burns

Vaseline is very good good for healing minor burns and scrapes and works well for after surgery moisturizing and skin healing. It can also serve as a moisturizer for your face and body and helps heal cracked feet.

2. Prevents Stretch Marks

It can be applied on your boobs and hips or waistline to prevent and treat stretch marks. It serves as a protective barrier that prevents the skin from loosing elasticity when it expands and helps fade the appearance of stretch marks on any part of your body.

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3. Hair and Nails

When painting your nails and applying relaxer to your hair, it can serve as a barrier to prevent the polish from sticking to your fingers and prevent chemicals from burning the base of your hair. Coincidentally, it also serves as a base for perfumes and helps t last longer.

4. Lips

Your lips can also benefit as it helps prevent and treat chapped lips and gives your lips a soft and supple feel. It removes the darker pigment from your lips and gives you the much sought after pink lips. So you don’t need to spend a fortune on pink lip balms anymore.

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5. Eyes and Eye Lashes

The petroleum jelly content of this cream makes it very safe for removing eye makeup without the risk of chemicals messing up your eyes. Apply vaseline to your lashes every night before bed and within two weeks you will notice significant growth in the length of your eye lashes. This really does work ladies.

So now you know just some of the wonders of vaseline, others include diaper rash prevention, finger nail protection and lots more. Tell us how you use it in the comment section.

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