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How To Politely Turn Down A Second Date Without Hurting His Feelings

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Let’s be honest, first dates can sometimes be really crappy, so it’s no surprise that you might have to turn down a second date sometimes. It’s one thing to really connect with someone online, and it’s another to meet them in person and sparks don’t fly.

Is it then possible to turn down another date with this same person without looking like a jerk? Yep, it is! Although, there is always the possibility that the guy in question might be hurt by your rejection, especially if he was really into you but you still have to tell him no, so that he can close that chapter and move on to someone else.

3 ways to politely turn down a second date
1. Outright “No!”

You could just take the bull by the horns and let him know in no uncertain terms that you don’t think it would be a good idea to meet again. For example, you could say, “Thanks, I had a nice time with you but I didn’t feel we clicked,” or “I enjoyed meeting you but I don’t think we’re a match,” or “I enjoyed hanging out, but I’m afraid the spark just wasn’t there for me. I wish you all the best.” Keep it simple and straight to the point.


2. Offer friendship

So he’s not your ideal guy when it comes to dating, but he is nice and you guys kinda have a few things in common. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to let him know you’d rather be his friend than his girlfriend. You could go with, “Hi James, it was really nice to meet you. To be honest, I’m not sure we are a match. Although, I noticed we have a lot in common and if you are okay with it, I would really like for us to be friends,” or “Let’s just be friends who go to the cinemas sometimes but nothing romantic. That is, if you’re cool with it.”

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3. “Maybe”

This would be your response to someone who you didn’t quite feel any chemistry with but you know there’s a chance that you might run into each other again, probably because you work in the same office complex or live around the same vicinity. Saying an outright no could lead to some sort of awkwardness when you come across each other somewhere else.

You could respond to his request for a second date with, “Maybe I’ll run into you at the supermarket some time,” or “We could hang out every once in a while, but nothing serious.” With this, he wouldn’t have to keep his fingers crossed about anything happening and it’s not like you’re leading him on. It’s up to him to agree to this suggestion or say no.

Do you know any other polite ways to turn down a second date? Share with us.

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