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5 Types Of Toxic Friends You Need To Remove From Your Life Today

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Life would be so boring without friends, wouldn’t it? Yet as awesome as they can be, toxic friends exist and they can be just plain awful and detrimental to your emotional health, happiness and well being.

Figuring out your life is tough enough. You don’t need a bunch of negative people to compound the problem. Besides, a study shows that people with strong and healthy friendships are more likely to live longer and happier lives… Need we say more?

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No one is perfect, but if your friendships steadily offer more harm than good, then it’s probably time to clean out your inner circle.

You’ll probably want to steer clear of these toxic friends:

1. Little Miss Negativity

This is the friend that NEVER sees the silver lining in anything. You go to them all excited about an idea you just had and BOOM! With a few words from them, you can’t even remember what you were all excited about. They seem to find joy in spreading their negativity. How exhausting. Why are you still friends again?

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2. The Selfish Friend

This kind of friend manages to make everything about her. You’re telling her about how you just got fired at work and instead of sympathizing, she sweeps it aside to tell you something that turns the attention on her.

3. Miss It’s Not My Fault

These friends just find a way to blame others for their own mistakes. They are very inventive when it comes to the blame game. She spent the rent money you asked her to keep? Of course it’s your fault. Didn’t you know today made it six months since her boyfriend broke up with her?

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4. Ms Pretty Little Liar

You really can’t trust people that lie compulsively. The end.

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5. The Manipulators

They know just the right strings to pull. They know the right buttons to push so you do what they want. They get it and then they leave. Why are you still friends with them?

Do any of these “friends” sound like people in your life? Tell us in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, here’s what to do if you work in a toxic environment.