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Toke Makinwa Shares On How To Move On After A Breakup

love letter to my ex
Toke Makinwa is sharing some wisdom on how to move on after a breakup without losing your mind or killing somebody. Toke recently shared a video titled “Life After A Breakup” on her vlog “Toke Moments” for the fans.

This new video scores quite a few points because Toke reminds us of some of the “bad behaviours” that women and men exhibit after a breakup.

Toke Makinwa & Life After A Breakup! Watch

Going by the title of this new episode “Life After a Breakup”, one would have easily assumed she was about to talk all over again over *you know who*. Well, the good thing is that this video is not about her ex.

After a few minutes into the video, it began to sink in. Baby girl Toks is out here trying to school us all on how best to do this getting-over-an-ex thing without letting it get all toxic for us.

Toke Makinwa & Life After A Breakup! Watch

This video is for all of us really and yes, it does apply to you. The snooping-on-your-ex, trying-to-see-if-they-did-better-with-their-next, happens or has at least happened to the best of us. So, chill out and watch this and don’t forget to share with your friends who are still stuck up on that ex of theirs.

No judgment zone here, some of the things mentioned in the video are relatable TBH, so feel free to catch your subs with your chest LOL.

Watch Toke Makinwa talk ” Life After a Breakup ” in the video below:

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