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Try These Time Management Tips. They Really Work!

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After attending that conference and hearing the success stories of people your age and younger, you decide to take this time management thing seriously. After all, successful people like Oprah, Beyonce, Dangote and the like have the same 24 hours in the day as the rest of us abi?

Plus they don’t even have two heads, so what are we even saying sef? Okay, first off, let’s admit to ourselves that we haven’t quite gotten to where the big guns have. They are able to outsource things they don’t want to do so they can focus on the important stuff. We don’t have that luxury yet, but we can maximize our time so we can get that stage, can’t we?

Now let’s demystify time management:

The first step is to prepare a to-do list

Prepare a list of the things you would like to achieve each day and ensure you assign sufficient time to achieve each task. Tick off each task as you complete it.

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Do the tough things first

Pick out the most difficult thing on your to-do list and let it be the first thing you do. This makes executing the other tasks on your list a piece of cake.

Have your deadlines in front of you

Give yourself enough time to work on your designated tasks so when everyone is running around like a headless chicken to meet up with the deadline, you’re cool, calm and collected because you know you’ve got everything in the bag.

Procrastination is the killer of time management

Purposefully decide that you will do what you wrote in your to-do list when you said you would do it. Procrastination is the killer of dreams and goals. Do it right now. Not later.

How to Overcome Procrastination And Do What You Need To Do


Turn off your social media notifications

You don’t need to know what is happening on the ‘gram all the time. You can catch up and respond during your lunch break or on the commute back home. You know how it is when you ‘go online’ to respond to a friend’s message, then you see something interesting and before you know it, it’s 5 pm and you haven’t done anything.

You need a break from social media

(Mia In The Media)

Finally, don’t take on more than you can chew. It’s okay to say no to stuff you can’t handle.

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Also, if you have a problem with procrastination, find out how you can overcome it and get things done.




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