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5 Very Strange But Normal Things That Can Happen During Your Period

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Menstruation is an amazing thing, especially for women who go through every bit of it. There are some strange things that happen during your period that make you wonder if you’re normal. The truth is, you are, and you’re not alone in this. Most of us go through it.

Here are 5 strange things that happen during your period

1. Purging

The poop that you have to fight to see suddenly starts pouring out like tap and you tend to have a little diarrhoea. This is because the hormones that help your uterus contract sometimes end up in your bowel and sends the message there too.

(Photo: Kuul Peeps)

2. You get horny

Some women feel extremely aroused when they’re on their period. This is absolutely normal and again has to do with your hormones. So don’t feel odd because you’re in pain and still craving sex.

3. Clumsiness

If you notice you trip and fall a lot or you’re dropping things easily when on your period, you’re fine. It’s not just you and it’s perfectly normal. Your muscles become loose and a bit sore when you’re on your period.

4. Irritation

Unnecessary anger over silly things that make absolutely no sense is another norm for period people. So if you’re suddenly extremely irritated at people and things, it’s normal. Just stay away from people and you’ll be fine.

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5. Crazy girlfriend syndrome

You’re likely to get really worked up and angry with bae for no reason and take everything personally. Don’t beat yourself up for not maintaining emotional calm and poise. Just explain to him and let him know it will soon pass.

Periods can be really stressful especially with people thinking you’re crazy. But you’re an amazing proud woman and you should never apologise for that. So enjoy it and try these tips to ease the cramps.



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