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How To Stop Being A People Pleaser

stop being a people pleaser
This is for those amazing people with a big heart who just can’t seem to say no. We love you for this and you’re just perfect but you need to learn to stop being a people pleaser. It makes it easy for people to walk all over you and treat you with little respect. And because we know you’re too good for that, we’ll teach you.

This is how to stop being a people pleaser

stop being a people pleaser

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Don’t reply immediately

When people ask you for favors, your first instinct will be to say yes but don’t. Making hasty decisions can get you into uncomfortable positions with people. Let the person give you time to think about it and then decide. If they’re in a hurry, it’s wiser to say no.

You’re allowed to say no

There is nothing wrong with saying no. It doesn’t make you a bad friend or a bad person, it just means you can’t help at that point. So don’t be so reluctant to say no.

stop being a people pleaser

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Have priorities

Always having a list of things you need to do helps you understand your priorities. It’s easy to get into the habit of saying yes to other people when you’re unsure of what your plans for yourself are. So make a monthly calendar and plan around it.

Don’t make excuses

Making excuses for why you can’t help just gives very determined people the opportunity to manipulate you. They find a way to work around your excuses and rope you into helping them some other time.

stop being a people pleaser

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Think about you

In the end, you always need to figure out what works for you and how other peoples needs affect your life. Don’t try to please other people at the expense of yourself and your own needs.

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There’s a huge difference between being helpful and people pleasing and you need to understand it. People pleasing gets you no respect and opens room for people to manipulate you. Speaking of people pleasing, if you’re in a relationship where you always¬†put him before yourself, You should read this.




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