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How To Remove Your Ex From Your Life After A Break Up

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Going through a break up is hard, which is why you need to remove your from your life by cleaning up. There’s nothing more awful than having to look around your house and finding pieces of your ex all over. Little reminders of what was and what would have been. It makes it very hard to move on and get over the hurt and pain.

We value your sanity and want to help you heal. We want you to gradually redefine yourself and move past the hurt and disappointment to the future and what it has in store for you.

On that note, here’s how to remove your ex from your life after a break up:

Spring Clean After A Break Up

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Clean Your Mind

Take an hour, a day, maybe two but not more than three days. Cry, scream or vent. Whatever helps you heal and move past the pain. It’s perfectly okay.

Return His Stuff

From his tooth brush, to his boxers and a few shirts here and there. Search for everything that he might have left over at your place. Anything he might need to come to pick up at any time. Pack it all up and send it to him.

Spring Clean After A Break Up

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Wash Everything

Wash all your clothes that still hold his scent. Your sheets, shirts and lingerie (yeah, that too). Clean every fabric that remotely holds his scent. Get fresh sheets if you have to. This is important if you want to remove your ex from your life permanently.

Spring Clean

Now this is the main part. This is not about his scent or his stuff. This is about you and cleansing your mind. Scrub your house clean, change the arrangement of your furniture. Redesign the look of your house.

Spring Clean After A Break Up

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Now Clean You

This is very important. Sort everything by category. You’re revamping your life so you need to know what stays and what doesn’t. Out with the old and do not keep anything out of sentiment.

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Your Phone

Now that we’ve cleaned everywhere and everything is as good as the new you sees fit. Pick up your phone and get rid of EVERY text message, email or chat from your ex and his pictures too. This way you can remove your ex from your life completely. You can’t bring that baggage to your new life.

Spring Clean After A Break Up

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Now that you’ve let all that go it’s time to start a new, beautiful and more fulfilling life and look forward to new beginnings.

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