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Everyday Habits To Adopt If You Want To Have A Healthy Vagina

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When you’re sexually active, you have to take even more special care of yourself down there. You need to turn some of these tips into a daily habit to ensure things are good.

If you really want to understand how to have a healthy vagina, here are the things you need to do.

A wiping tip

After using the toilet, it’s important that you wipe from front to back. If you go the other way, you may contaminate your vagina with the bacteria from the anus which can lead to a contraction of a Urinary Tract Infection.

Some Everyday Habits To Adopt If You Want To Have A Healthy Vagina

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Douche danger

Douching refers to a forceful cleansing of the inside of your vagina. And even though it sounds like a good thing, it really doesn’t help in the long run. The vagina cleanses itself as needed. Messing with the process may even end up with you forcing vaginal bacteria to your pelvis, leading to an infection.

Lube for love

Lubricants should be an essential part of your sex life. Sure, the vagina comes with its own natural lubricant. But due to a vast number of reasons like hormones, breastfeeding, and age, women may experience vagina dryness. To diminish friction and subsequent pain during sex, lubricants are your best friends.

Some Everyday Habits To Adopt If You Want To Have A Healthy Vagina

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Panty rules

To know how to have a healthy vagina, you need to consider your underwear. Ensure they are changed daily. Also, your panties should have a cotton crotch as this material is more absorbent. To reduce the chances of an infection, go to bed wearing loose underwear or no underwear at all. Your vagina needs to breathe too.

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Eat well

What you eat affects all kinds of things, especially vagina health. Avoid foods with high sugar/alcohol content especially if you’re prone to yeast infection.

An overall tip for how to have a healthy vagina is that you go in for a checkup every once in a while. This gives you the peace of mind that all’s well in that area. Also, if there is trouble, your doctors can get to solving it before it’s too late.

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