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6 Signs You’re Ready For A Serious Relationship

ready for a serious relationship
Whether you’ve been casually dating for years, or you’ve just been busy with a lot of other things, there are certain signs that let you know you’re ready to get into a real relationship.

Being ready for a serious relationship means that you’ve begun dating with intention. You’re ready to build a life and share it with someone else. It’s no longer about the chase and the thrill but about truly getting to know someone and figuring out how much you have in common.

So, how can you determine if you’re really ready to go all in with a partner? These signs should make things clear.

1. You can picture the kind of man you want

One big sign you’re ready for a serious relationship is if you’re clear on the type of man you need in your life. You are no longer thinking of just the present when determining the traits that appeal to you. It has become more than just looks or fleeting appeal. You’re looking out for such grounded traits as confidence, security, intelligence, etc.

ready for a serious relationship

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2. You can be by yourself

This may sound ironic but being comfortable as a single woman is also a sign you’re ready for the real deal. You should know who you are and what you bring to the table. In other words, you’re not entering a relationship looking for validation and answers to these questions. Being able to stand on your own is proof that you can handle being in a couple.

3. You’re emotionally available

There are no lingering feelings for your ex or daydreams about a crush. Being emotionally available means there’s room in your heart for a partner. But if those emotional strings are already being pulled by someone else, then you may want to give it time.

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4. You respect yourself

You cannot enter a serious relationship if you are not clear on what you deserve. They say you teach people how to treat you. So if you have no self-respect, you’ll very likely be with someone who does not respect you as well.

ready for a serious relationship

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5. The timing is right

Yes, there is such a thing as the right timing and the definition of that depends on the individual. You can meet the perfect guy but things won’t work out because the timing isn’t right. Perhaps you’re not at the right stage in your life to be truly committed or you just have a lot of other things on your place.

6. You have learned your lessons

The point of dating is not just to spend time with your partners but it also gives you a chance to learn about yourself. You can learn about what to do and avoid, plus what makes you happy and what irks you. There may also be a lesson to learn from how things ended.

If you want to know if he’s the one you should go all the way with, watch out for these signs he’s ready for a serious relationship.

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