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You Should Never Ignore These Signs Of Emotional Abuse

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The signs of emotional abuse aren’t always obvious at the beginning of a relationship. But if you look closely you can tell when a guy you like might become emotionally abusive. The truth is, no man can hide their true nature for long. And even when they try to hide it, it’s usually somewhere just below the surface.

These are signs of emotional abuse you should never ignore:

Denying things that actually happened

Making you doubt yourself when you’re talking about a situation by denying it ever happened. You suddenly start questioning yourself and thinking you might have dreamed it up.

signs of emotional abuse

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Jealousy and possessiveness

They check on you every time and make it seem like care or over-protection and tell you “I was just worried about you”. But it really is just them being insecure, possessive and not trusting you.

Blame shifting

Whenever there is an issue that is clearly their fault, somehow they make you apologize in the end. Even when deep down you know you did nothing wrong, you still apologize just to make them feel better.

Extreme mood swings

These are not the normal mood swings. They get excited around you one minute and the next minute they become distant and cold towards you but are still excited about everything else.

Disregard or belittle you

When a partner makes your achievements seem small and insignificant, they are being emotionally abusive and you shouldn’t take it. A truly supportive partner will bask in your achievements and encourage you to do better.

signs of emotional abuse

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Withholding affection and giving ultimatums

They either withhold sex or affection from you in order to punish you or as revenge for something you’ve done. They could also have a “my way or the highway” attitude to things but giving you ultimatums.

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Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse because it does the exact same thing physical abuse does to the mind. The problem is that it’s hard to spot because there are no physical markings. An emotionally abusive relationship is a toxic one and you should know when to get out.