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This Is The Best Time To Have Sex With Your Man

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If you and your man are having less sex than you’d prefer, it may not have anything to do with sex drives and a hectic lifestyle. It’s possible that you’re simply out of sync and the clock could be the culprit.

One study found that men and women want sex at different times of the day. In general, men are often horny in the mornings while women are usually in the mood at night. Knowing when men and women feel the horniest can help you and your partner if this happens to be an issue in your relationship.

2,300 adults were surveyed for this study and most of the men said they preferred to kickstart the day with a little romp in the hay (between 6 and 9 am). On the other hand, women would rather round up their day with a bang (pun intended) sometime between 11 p.m and 2 a.m.

women feel the horniest

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To get to the specifics, it was found that men’s desire peaks at 7:54 in the morning and women are horniest at 11:21 at night.

While the results are quite interesting, you shouldn’t panic about what to do if this is the case with you and your partner. Here’s the good news, as human beings, we’re pretty adaptable.

First, you and your man can reach a compromise. It’s sex after all, not a chore. So you shouldn’t both stubbornly insist that you’ll get sex only when you want it. Besides, it’s believed that women often don’t feel desire until after some kind of foreplay with their partner. So if he knows how to push your buttons, you surely won’t have a problem getting it on, even though it’s 7:54 a.m.

women feel the horniest

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Plus, we highly doubt your partner will say no to a some goodnight sex when you take matters to your own hands. So if you want to take advantage of your peak time, then take control and make the first move. You don’t need to wait for your body alarm to go off.

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Sure, studies are fascinating. But if you want to have more sex, then do just that. And if there’s anything hindering that from happening, it’s time for you and your man to talk about it.

To encourage you, here are some awesome benefits of having sex in the morning.

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