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Sex Moves That Can Make You Self-Conscious And How To Get Past Them

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Sex is one of the most vulnerable positions you can find yourself so it’s normal that some aspects of it can make you feel a little self-conscious.

How do you handle it when you’re feeling shy during sex, especially when it comes to these sex moves?

Receiving oral sex

A lot of things may go through your mind at this point. You’re wondering how you taste or smell down there, all of which distracts you from having a good time.

The thing is, the more you focus on all of that, the less likely you are to enjoy what’s really happening. When he offers to go down there, he knows it doesn’t smell or taste like strawberries. So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to relax and get in the moment.

Sex Moves That Can Make You Self-Conscious And How To Get Past Them Zumi.ng

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You may find yourself feeling shy during sex with this position. Women who are self-conscious about their body tend to feel exposed when they are on top.

One thing you can do is get some lingerie that covers up and reveals strategic positions while still maintaining the overall sexiness. You can also choose to let go of your hangups and remember that he’s not as focused on those extra curves as you think.

Daylight sex

This also has to do with feeling too exposed. If you’re feeling shy during sex in the daytime or when the lights are on, it is probably because you feel too conscious of what you’re doing and how you look.

Sex Moves That Can Make You Self-Conscious And How To Get Past Them Zumi.ng

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Daytime sex has a lot of benefits. Some of the spontaneous and exciting sexual adventures between you and your partner will very likely happen in the light of day. Besides, you and your partner may even find it more arousing. You can try getting into it gradually by leaving a dull light on during sex at night. When you see that it’s not it’s not as bad as you expect, you may end up loving it.

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For more tips to get more comfortable, check out these shy girl’s tips for having sex in the daytime.




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