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How Sex Makes You Smarter And Keeps You From Getting Sick

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Sex feels great, but it also has a lot of amazing health benefits.  A good roll in the sack can help to improve your memory and also boost your immunity.

Here are some benefits of sex you should know:

How can sex improve memory?

A new study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior found that sex can help with the prevention of memory decline.

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The study looked into over 6000 adults. After researching their lifestyle, health, and socio-economic status, the subjects were asked to fill a questionnaire about how often they had sex.

Two years later, researchers found that those who engaged in frequent sexual activities had better memory performance. It was, therefore, concluded that one of the benefits of sex includes the stimulation of parts of the brain that are associated with our memory.

It can actually make women smarter

Another study published in 2016 showed that regular sex can help women remember abstract words. So, you are less likely to suffer those annoying scenarios where you just cannot find the word you’re looking for. Basically, to keep your brain sharp, you may want to get in the habit of having more sex.

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Sex boosts your immunity

It sounds counter-intuitive that exchanging bodily fluids during sex can prevent certain diseases. But a 2004 study found this to be true. The data suggested that when you’re in a committed and happy relationship, being sexually active is a good thing. One of the benefits of sex is that it’s deeply relaxing and this level of relaxation helps to stimulate your immune system.

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In fact, the researchers found that to really enjoy this immunity boost, couples may need to have sex at least once or twice a week. Thanks to these studies, it’s pretty clear that sex offers much more than  temporary pleasure.

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