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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Break Up With Him

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Every single day, several women and men take stock of their relationships and ask themselves if it makes sense to break up or still keep it going.

This can be one of the toughest emotional decisions to make. If you are one of those asking yourself this question, “Should I break up with him or not?” you only have to ask some basic questions to discover the answer.

Questions to ask yourself before you break up with him
 1. Has he cheated on you?

If you have been cheated on, you need to ask yourself if you can move past it and then you need to give your partner the chance to prove his faithfulness over time. If he has cheated once, be careful because the odds are good that it could happen again. If he has cheated more than once, you have to accept that you are agreeing to an open relationship if you remain in it.

2. Does he ever put you down or make you feel bad about yourself?

No matter how angry you are, you should never label or put down someone you love. Doing so will only deteriorate their trust in you and neither of you will feel safe in the relationship going forward.

3. Have you been stressed or unhappy in your relationship for a while?

If you’ve only been in your relationship for less than a year and you’ve been unhappy for at least a month, it’s time to consider a breakup. If you’ve been in it for about two to three years or longer, you should begin to consider a breakup if you’ve been unhappy for six months or more. Relationships are supposed to add comfort and security to your life.

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4. Do you still fantasize about meeting someone better?

Unfortunately, some people are in relationships today but they are secretly wishing and waiting  for someone better to come along. If you’re still holding onto the hope that one day, you’ll strike gold and someone “better” will magically appear in your life, then the relationship you’re in now isn’t going to last or will never be truly fulfilling for you.

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5. Does he blend well with some of your friends and family members?

If we are being honest, we’ll admit that the goal isn’t to just find a partner whom everyone in your life likes as much as you; the goal is to actually find someone who makes an overall good fit into the element of your social life.  If you’re dating someone whom others don’t like or connect with, or they consistently make negative comments about him, you need to seriously ask yourself if you want social situations to continue being awkward for many years into the future.

After answering these questions, do you think you should stay or break up with him?

Before you go, here’s how you can walk out of a relationship without looking bad.