Would You Choose A Public Proposal Or A Private One?ZUMI

Would You Choose A Public Proposal Or A Private One?

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If you had to choose between a public proposal and a private one, which would you choose? Many men are choosing to ask their women to marry them in very public ways. We’ve seen proposals at airports, restaurants, church events and even through flash mobs at shopping malls.

The reason most people give for choosing a public proposal is that it’s more romantic. According to those who love public proposals, they are amazing because asking the woman you love to marry you in front of hundreds and even thousands of people is a way of showing that you are proud of her and happy to show her off to the world.

However, those who are against public proposals say that they are manipulative and are a way of forcing a person to say yes to a proposal even if she really doesn’t want to. According to this school of thought, a public proposal is the method used by a man who’s determined to have his way no matter what.

Other people believe that public proposals are too much drama and that private proposals are more intimate and more romantic. Of course, we all know that there are some people who don’t care what kind of proposal they get as long as one comes. LOL.

So which would you prefer? If you could tell your boyfriend how to propose, would you suggest a public proposal or a private one?

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Share your answers and thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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