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Period Pain Remedies: I Tried Ginger To Stop Cramps, Here’s What Happened

period pain remedies
So we’ll continue my period pain remedies journey today and I’ll be telling you my last natural solution: ginger. A¬†friend came over and told me how ginger works wonders for her whenever Aunty Flo decides to visit. Since I was looking for anything to manage the pain, I decided to go for it.

This is how my ginger period pain remedy experiment went:

How I prepared it

I bought two big ginger roots and washed them well with salt, then peeled off the skin. After that, I cut one into small pieces and set aside, then I cut the other into small pieces and blended it for a bit. Next, I boiled about a big Eva bottle of water, then poured the blended and chopped ginger into the water and poured everything into a flask.

period pain remedies

(Photo: Dr Weil)

Preparation done, let’s see if it works

The idea as I was told, is to take it in sips from the flask and it will ease the pain. So I started sipping and sipping and sipping and after about five minutes, I felt a bit relieved which means there must be some truth to it. I kept sipping at intervals all through, but at some point, the pain took over. I generally have really bad menstrual cramps so maybe my own aunt Flo was just too strong for ginger. Basically, after about two hours of really bad pain, I went to make cocoa. One hour after my cocoa, I slept off and woke up much better.

period pain remedies

(Photo: Woman Rambler)

As far as period pain remedies go, ginger didn’t work for me, but it might work for you. I’m going to try cardamom seeds next month and see how that goes.



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