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7 Signs Your Partner Is Draining You Emotionally

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Your relationship doesn’t always have to be perfect, but it also shouldn’t feel like so much hard work that you become emotionally drained.

When your partner is draining you, it may not always be obvious. But over time, if you keep allowing it to happen, the relationship can actually suck the happiness out of your life. So watch out for these signs and take the required steps to make sure things change.

1. You think about him all the time

And not in a good way. This isn’t about having exciting fantasies of what you’ll do next. He takes up mental space because you’re constantly thinking about that argument you had, why he said what he did, what his actions mean, if he’s committed to you etc.

2. You feel tired around him

Usually, couples in happy relationships tend to feel energized around each other. You don’t need to be doing anything fun per se, but you still feel good overall. However, if your partner is draining you, you tend to feel tired and dull around them.

3. You’re excited about getting some space

When a partner is draining, you look forward to having some time without them. After spending a weekend with him, you feel excited just thinking about being in a separate space for a while.

4. He always makes things worse

Say you had a bad day at work, your partner really does not need to say anything for you to feel at least a little better. But in a relationship where you’re emotionally drained, he can, in fact, make things worse. You can’t count on his presence to boost your mood. On the contrary, being around him can make you more sullen.

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5. You feel like he’s asking for too much

Every time he asks a favour of you, you feel like you’re being stretched to the limits. It’s probably because he’s emotionally demanding.

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6. You’re annoyed around him

Regular conversations with an emotionally-draining partner will make you feel irritable and annoyed. You have no patience to see his perspective or care about his opinion really.

7. You walk on eggshells

When your partner is draining you, you find yourself walking on eggshells around him. You put a lot of energy into saying and doing the right things. This can be very exhausting.

If your relationship seems like this, it’s time to do something about it. Find the root cause of why it’s so emotionally tasking and see if it can be solved.

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Otherwise, you should consider these signs that the relationship is over.

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