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Are You Having Pains During Ovulation? Try These Remedies

pains during ovulation
If you’re one of those who gets pains not just on your period but during ovulation, we’ve got you covered. We found some natural remedies for pains during ovulation that can help you feel better. So now at least you have control over one monthly pain.

Here are some remedies for pains during ovulation

Ugwu and spinach

Dark leafy greens are very good for reducing the bloating that comes with ovulation pain. This is because they contain a high amount of calcium and magnesium which helps reduce bloating.

pains during ovulation

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Green tea

Drinking green tea can help reduce ovulation pain. Green tea works because it increases the production of hormones that soothe and ease the pain of ovulation.


During ovulation, your body gets very dehydrated which can result in a lot of cramping. Make sure you drink a lot of water to rehydrate your body and reduce the pain.

Hot press

You can use a hot water bottle or hot towel on the area of your stomach where you feel the pain. The heat is very effective in soothing the pain that comes with ovulation.

pains during ovulation

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Stretching or any other form of exercise can also help reduce ovulation pain significantly. Regularly exercise can prevent ovulation pain before it starts.

These remedies are natural and really helpful to stop the pain without resorting to pain pills. So try them and let’s know what works for you in the comment section. Meanwhile, see some important knowledge you should have about ovulation pain.

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