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Overusing Postinor 2 Will Damage Your Health! Here’s How

overusing postinor 2
We can’t deny that the use of Postinor 2 as an emergency contraceptive seems to be rampant. But what happens when you use this pill the wrong way and how does overuse affect your health? We’ll get straight to the effects of overusing Postinor 2 or not using it the right way.

Here are some ways overusing Postinor 2 can damage your health

High risk of infertility

The chances of getting pregnant soon after using Postinor 2 are very slim because the active ingredient is still in your system. Using it continuously reduces the chances of getting pregnant in the months after.

overusing postinor 2

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It messes with your cycle

It causes a change in your menstrual cycle that can make it difficult to tell if your period is just late or if you’re pregnant. The irregularity can also make it difficult to know when it’s safe to have sex.

Increases the size of ovarian cysts

Studies show that using Postinor 2 too often can increase the size of ovarian cysts in women who have growths or cysts in their ovaries.

Causes extreme weight gain

Levonorgestrel is the active ingredient in Postinor 2. This ingredient messes with your hormones and your menstrual cycle and can lead to a weight gain of up to 7kg in just a few months.

overusing postinor 2

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Increases the risk of breast cancer

Studies by the Mayo Clinic showed that women who use Postinor 2 have a 44% higher chance of developing breast cancer before they are 50 years old.

It’s less likely to work with more frequent use

The more you use Postinor 2, the less chance it has of preventing unwanted pregnancy. This results in people realising when it’s too late that they’re pregnant and resorting to extreme measures to get rid of the baby.

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It is better for sexually active women to get a birth control pills and stick to regular use so they don’t have to use emergency contraceptives. Be more responsible for your health, please. The side effects might not show up until later in life. For signs to tell if you’re pregnant when you’re not sure of your period, check these.




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