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Here Are Some Networking Tips Every Introvert Can Use

Here Are Some Networking Tips Every Introvert Can Use
Networking tips are useful because while networking is a breeze for some people, for others, it’s like having a tooth pulled out without an anaesthetic.

If you’re an introvert, you need networking tips more than anyone else. In a perfect world, you’d probably be left alone with your introverted self. However, if you hope to have any success in this information age, you need to get around people and actually speak to them.

Here are some networking tips that every introvert can use:

Prepare before attending networking events

Before attending any event that presents a potential networking opportunity, prepare in advance. What kind of event is it? What kind of people will you meet there? This kind of information gives you stuff to talk about in the event of any awkward silences. We hate those. It’s okay to practice your smile beforehand too.

Here Are Some Networking Tips Every Introvert Can Use

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Don’t try to talk to everyone at networking events

Don’t try to talk to everyone, because you really can’t talk to everyone at the event. Attempting to do so will only leave you frazzled. Single out a few people you would really like to talk with and do so. This makes you ease up and really be in the moment with the person you’re talking with.

Say hello

At your next event, you might meet someone who’s all alone and hugging the walls (just like you used to do). Put on your big smile and reach out to her. She just might need the networking tips you now know.

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Practice your networking skills

Networking really is about connecting with people. We meet people every day, don’t we? Challenge yourself to talk to a certain number of strangers every month. It’s not as creepy as it sounds. Just make an effort to talk to someone new especially within places you feel comfortable. It could be the doorman at your favourite coffee shop, or a cute guy from your place of worship. This is something you can try out today, let us know how it goes when you do.

Here Are Some Networking Tips Every Introvert Can Use

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Don’t be annoying

Don’t listen to those people that tell you to distribute your business cards to everyone at the event. People hate it.

Want to try out your new superpower? Tell us how these networking tips worked for you.

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