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This Natural Aphrodisiac Drink Will Make Your Sex Life Hotter

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Kunun Aya is an all natural aphrodisiac drink. It’s made from tiger nuts, coconuts and dates  This drink is popular in the north and best known as “the sex drink”. Asides it’s sexual benefits, the tiger nut and dates drink is packed full of healthy nutrients that is good for you.

Here’s how to make our all natural aphrodisiac drink (Kunun Aya):

You will need:

– 1 cup of fresh tiger nuts (Aya)

– 1 coconut

– 10 to 15 dates (Dabino)

– 1 ginger root

– 1 cup water

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Preparation Steps

– Wash the tiger nuts and dates

– Break the back of the coconut, remove the inside and slice it to bits

– Soak the dates and the tiger nuts over night (Separately)

– Remove the seed from the dates

– Peel the back of the ginger and cut it to bits

– Blend the tiger nuts, coconuts, dates and ginger together with three quarters the cup of  water

– Pour it in a strainer to get the juice out

– Add the remaining water to the shaft and blend again

– Now strain it one more time to get out the remaining milk

– Pour the shaft away and store the milk in the fridge or drink it fresh with bae

This drink will make you and bae go 50 shades of grey in the bedroom so don’t forget to tell us your experience after trying it out. Or maybe not.

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