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Different Types of Besties Every Girl Should Have

Yes, you can have more than one bestie and every woman should have at least one or two besties. This is because of several reasons:

Its a fundamental rule that you shouldn’t be alone. Man by his very nature wasnt made to be alone so why should you? And by being alone, we don’ mean being with a man, you need girlfriends aka besties who understand you and can sympathize with you.

Besties get you like no other. You’l meet people who’ll vex you. Besties are there to support you in matter what….even if you’re the one who’s wrong.

They can tell you the hard truth. Acquaintances would skirt around the issue but because your bestie knows you, she knows how to tell you the hard truth without hurting your feelings.

Now here are the different kind of besties every girl should have


Your Childhood Bestie

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She knows you better than anyone. She knows your fears, visions, insecurities, hopes and dreams. And she is probably one of the realest people you’l ever have around you. Friendships like this should be cherished, some might last a lifetime while others won’t. It’s up to you both to decide what happens to your friendship.


The Fighter

She is ready for any fight. Your boyfriend cheated on you? Shes got you. Some bi**h is giving you an attitude? Send her in. She seldom needs to know the details just let her know where she needs to go and she’s there for you.


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The Informant

She is your ‘radio’. She has all the information you need before you even ask for it and its very accurate. If you need information on a new hottie, dirt on who’s dating who, who’s sleeping with who, who just broke up with who, she’s the one to ask.


Your Cheerleader

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She believes in you so much more than you believe in yourself. She pushes you out of your comfort zone and with her, you’ll go to places where you never thought you will.


Your Dose of Reality

She will tell you the truth come hell or high water. You will be angry at her most of the time; you’ll ask yourself why you’re friends with her. With time, you’ll come to appreciate her honesty.



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