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Different Friends Your Man Has And How To Deal With Them

You love your man and you’re looking forward to spending forever with him. While you’re busy planning something serious for your future together, his friends are constantly interrupting with your blues.

They are always together, always hanging out together. You’re trying to be a nice girlfriend but there is only so much you can take.

Here are the different types of friends your man might have and how you can deal with them


Head of the bad gang

Literally as his name says that is how he is. He knows where all the strip clubs are, he knows all the hottest girls and all the latest skills to try in bed. He is who’ll make your husband drink out late and is  probably the one that will make your husband cheat. He’ll help your husband lie to you when your husband is being somehow. He is probably one of the necessary evils that you might have to do with if you’re dating a man with a lot of friends.


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The Enabler

Every guy should have a yes man and this is who the enabler is. He’s your husbands yes man. Anything your man says, his every response is ‘ok let’s do it’. He might probably be one of the long-standing friends your husband has. He encourages him and supports him regardless of what right or wrong he is doing it.

The Business Partner

Any business that is going down, this guy’s in the middle of it. He’s always calling your husband with updates, connecting him with one person or the other. If there is anyone you should be threatened by and also not be threatened by, its this guy. Your man is always talking to him, always chatting with him. But at least know that he is not cheating.

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How do you deal with them

Get to know them. Fighting them will not do you any good; instead it will make your husband feel like he has to choose between you and them. If you feel like their presence is hampering your relationship, then have a discussion with your husband. He’s only one who can really handle the situation not you. If you try, you’ll just get yourself some new enemies and you don’t want to be the reason the man has to break up with his best friends. So take it easy, be patient and talk to your man.

Good luck with that.


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