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Dating Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid

Being in a new relationship can be scary, even confusing. You’re just getting to know this person, you’re not sure what to say or even how to relate to this person. Chances are, without guidance, you might be making some very terrible mistakes that you don’t even realize that you’re making.

That’s why you need girlfriends. They help you put things in perspective so you don’t get ahead of yourself. In the event that your girlfriends aren’t stepping up to the plate, you have us to help put things in perspective for you.

Now let’s get to work

What are this dating mistakes? How do you recognize these mistakes? What are the effects of these mistakes? We’ll tell you:


Falling in love with the idea of him

This is a complete no-no. You don’t give yourself a chance to really get to know him before you fall in love. You’ve already created a mental image of him and let yourself get emotionally involved with that mental image. This can have very disastrous consequences when he finally reveals his true colours.


Getting physically intimate before you get emotionally intimate

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So you meet this guy and before you know, y’all are in bed having a good time. Months later dude starts to act up and you wonder why. As woke as we claim to be, guys still have no respect for an easy lay. Once he has everything he thinks he wants and he gets bored, he calls it off. The relationship has failed before it even had the chance to start.

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Falling for a married man

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That’s someone else’s man. He is emotionlly unavailable and you’ll always have to share him with another woman. Not to mention the fact that you’ll be breaking up a family. Do you really want to be that woman?


Footing the bills

There are a lot of ‘chewing gum‘ men running around. They are perfectly content with a woman footing the bills and will never offer to help her out. When you start off your relationship footing the bill, you set a precedence that can only get worse. Don’t expect him to be the bigger man and step up to the plate… He won’t.

Watch out for these mistakes and you’re off to a good start.


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