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5 Ways To Move Your Crush Out Of The Friend Zone

5 Ways To Move Your Crush Out Of The Friend Zone
Friend zone troubles anyone? Have you ever been in a situation where you realized  you had strong feelings for a guy who was supposed to be just a friend?

Funny enough, this is something many ladies have experienced at one point or another; but because they didn’t know how to go about it, what could have been a really great relationship died a natural death in the friend zone.

Now you’ve noticed you have a crush on a friend who has no idea about how you feel, and you’re wondering how to let him know this without embarrassing him (and yourself). Say no more, sister. We’ve got you covered!

5 ways to move your crush out of the friend zone
1. Investigate

This may sound a bit overboard but seriously, you have to carry out a thorough investigation into his love life to be sure that he’s not already taken. If he has a girlfriend, you need to back off immediately. Going after another sister’s man is a complete no-no.

5 Ways To Move Your Crush Out Of The Friend Zone


2. Use humour

Guys like a girl with a good sense of humour, and laughter is an excellent icebreaker. Try dropping some hints in the form of jokes and if he is a sharp guy, he’ll get the message eventually.

3. Be upfront

For some reason, guys seem to think every lady is already involved in a relationship. It’s a good idea to let your crush know that you are very single and available, so he doesn’t feel weird when he starts getting the “I-knda-like-you-a lot” vibes from you.

4. Hang out

If you and your crush belong to a circle of friends that hang out as a group, you could break tradition and invite him out without the others. Make it look more like a casual outing than a date, to eliminate any awkwardness. This will give you an opportunity to share your thoughts with him.

5 Ways To Move Your Crush Out Of The Friend Zone


5. Shoot your shot

If subtlety is not your style, you can just go ahead and tell your crush exactly how you feel about him. Truth is, some guys like women who are straightforward. The outcome of this move will surely change your friendship one way or another.

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In what other ways have you tried to move your crush from the friend zone?




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