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Some Weird Things That Can Happen To Your Vagina When You Lose Weight

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When you commit to a healthier lifestyle, a lot of things about you will change. You feel slimmer, lighter, experience a better mood, great skin and so on. But did you know your vagina may be affected too?

For one thing, you may notice that you lose weight in your vagina, just as with every other body part. It may sound silly but it’s actually real.

You may even observe a difference in the size and appearance of your ‘camel toe.’ This part of the vagina is scientifically referred to as the mons-pubis and it’s quite possible to lose weight in that area. Weight loss or gain can affect your vagina for better or for worse.

lose weight in your vagina

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You can lose weight in your vagina and your outer labia when you adopt a healthy lifestyle. In most cases, this is a good thing as it gives the area a more, shall we say, petite appearance. If you do add weight, on the other hand, the camel toe can protrude even more than usual and this may sometimes affect how your underwear and pants fit.

Hey, it’s no big deal

Don’t worry too much about it of your camel toe protrudes more than most. We cannot all have the same vagina size and appearance. Besides, the extra cushioning is not always a bad thing. It protects your delicate areas from chafing and even sex injuries.

lose weight in your vagina

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At the end of the day, camel toe or nah, you should feel good about what you got down there. It really isn’t anything to obsess over.

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