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5 Reasons Why Should Leave That Abusive Relationship

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Nobody ever expects to end up in an abusive relationship. For most people, it just happens. In some cases, the abusive person actually started out being nice, but then their true colour starts to show.

So how are you supposed to handle an abusive relationship when you didn’t plan for it to happen? You don’t. You just get out as fast as you can. Obviously this is easier said than done, but there’s no better way to say it. In case you need some encouragement to help you leave, here are five things you should know:

1. It never gets better

Most people who hang on to abusive relationships do so because they think it will get better. It won’t get better. It never does. Even if he stops hitting you, you still have to deal with the emotional damage he has caused. You’re much better starting over.

2. Your life is at risk

Nobody likes to talk about deaths from abuse, but they are common than we’d like to believe. Don’t be a statistic. Don’t die at the hands of someone who promised to love you but became your worst enemy instead. Your life is important.

3. You deserve better

Enduring an abusive relationship can make you feel like you did something to deserve it. Like maybe you’re not good enough to have someone who cherishes you. That’s a lie. You deserve better. You are special and unique and you deserve to be treated as such.

4. You can start again

There’s a new life waiting for you if you’re bold enough to escape the abuse. You can have a fresh start. It’s never too late to open a new chapter in your life. Walk away today and you’ll be amazed at how much better things can get. It won’t happen overnight and it’ll be challenging at first but you can do it.

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5. Help is available

Find someone to talk to, don’t suffer in silence. Don’t keep talking to people who tell you to endure it. Talk to people who can help you. You can reach out to Project Alert on Violence Against Women on 08180091072 or the Mirabel Centre on 08056268573. You can also confide in a trusted friend or family member.

You can walk away from your abuser. You can have a brand new life.  All you have to do is walk away. If you need someone to talk to, send a message to [email protected]




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