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Kylie Jenner’s Forbes Cover Is Inspirational Whether She’s Self-Made Or Not

(Forbes/Jamel Toppin)

(Twitter via Forbes)

Kylie Jenner’s Forbes cover has been causing trouble on social media. In case you’ve not heard the news, let’s give you small gist. So Kylie Jenner is now worth $900 million. Forbes made the announcement on their latest cover and added that she’s on the way to becoming the youngest self-made billionaire.  That’s when the trouble started.

Apparently people are upset that Forbes described the reality star as “self-made.” All over social media, people have expressed their annoyance at the cover and criticized Forbes for it. And frankly it’s just unbelievable.

How is it that everyone is so focused on one “wrong” word instead of the significance of Kylie Jenner’s Forbes cover? She’s a 20 year old woman who owns 100 percent of an $800 million business which she built from scratch.

Yes, she’s related to the Kardashians and she leveraged on their success, but she’s now the richest member of her family at 20 years of age. That is no mean feat. Rich family or no, we all know tons of people who had privilege and did nothing with it. So the fact that Kylie is about to become a BILLIONAIRE is something we should be celebrating.

Regardless of how the Kardashians came about their fortune, they have made a business out of being famous. And even if you want to be mad at the other sisters, you have to show some respect for Kylie. The girl has a legitimate product that actually works and is a crowd favourite and she’s made tons of money from it.

Kylie Jenner’s Forbes cover is an announcement to young women that anything and everything is possible. Whether, she’s self-made or not, Kylie Jenner is an inspiration.

(Forbes/Jamel Toppin)

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