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Is Kayan Mata Healthy? Here’s All You Need To Know About The Natural Aphrodisiac

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“Kayan mata” is Hausa for “women’s things” and it is a general name for a range of natural aphrodisiacs created for women. These aphrodisiacs and their recipes have been handed down for five centuries in Northern Nigeria.

It was originally meant to be used in preparing brides for marriage and ensuring that women could please their men and have a healthy sex life while married. Now however, the aphrodisiacs are growing in popularity and being used throughout the country.

Kayan mata is made from herbs, spices, fruits and roots. This means the mixtures are wholly natural. The ingredients have remained the same. Some of these ingredients are rice, honey, millet, tiger nuts, jujube and baobab.

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Types of kayan mata

Simi: It’s taken hours before sex and helps a woman get wet quicker and easier. It also helps improve her stamina. It’s made of herbs mixed with cow milk.

Gindin Ayu: One of the ingredients of this mixture is fish sperm. It is mixed with milk and then the couple drinks it. This is very expensive and only used once in a while because the fish in question is hard to find. According to those in the know, this fish stays glued to the vagina of his mate and even when he’s free he does not desire any other.

Turaren Wuta (Incense): While the incense is burning, the woman bends over this to help with vaginal tightening and deodorizing.

Dan Mannau (Glue): This is inserted into the vagina to make sex enjoyable.

Zuman mata (Women’s honey): This will supposedly keep a man coming back for more.

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Women who use Kayan mata have been accused of black magic. Some reports say the herbs can be used to tie down a man or keep him stuck to one woman whether he wants to be with her or not. “Gindin Ayu” in particular is said to induce possessiveness and prevent the couple from finding sexual satisfaction elsewhere even if the other partner is dead. However, experts and sellers say this is false.

Is Kayan mata healthy or not?

On the face of it, these aphrodisiacs seem to be healthy since they contains natural ingredients like herbs and roots. However, the ingredients depend on the person stocking  so one has to be sure to buy only mixtures with pure ingredients.

Also, for the incense burning and “glue” being stuck in the vagina, these are obviously not healthy. The vagina is a delicate organ and should not be rough handled in such a way.

To use or not to use

There’s obviously nothing wrong with people seeking to heighten their sexual pleasure especially if it’s in natural ways. However, it’s obvious that with kayan mata you must know exactly what you’re buying and be careful who you buy from.

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