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This Is How To Know Who Your True Friends Are

how to tell if your friend is a true friend
There is an added blessing in your life when you have friends. It’s one of the most valuable relationships you can have. But do you know how to tell if your friend is a true friend? Because we’ve all at some point had friends who turned out not to be true friends.

This is how to tell if your friend is a true friend

Unconditional love

They straight up tell you when you’ve messed up when you do something wrong. But they defend your honour even when you’re not there and go to war with anyone trying to shade you. Speaking of which, true friends do not stay friends with your ex.

how to tell if your friend is a true friend

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If they’re the person you can call at any time of the day or night and they¬†are willing to listen to your rant or even come over at midnight in an emergency, then they’re your friend. True friends will never leave you hanging in an emergency.


They are the friends that remain loyal no matter what. They will stand by you through thick or thin and be the first to spend all your money when you blow. These friends are happy to spend your money with you, but they will also happily give you their ATM card when you’re in need.

how to tell if your friend is a true friend

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True friends might be silly enough to make fun of the fact that you’re short in public. But your deepest darkest secrets will stay with them till the grave and beyond. They know your weaknesses and help you cover it up while proclaiming your strengths to the world.

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True friends will always be real with you, whether with makeup tips or with your dress sense. They are the type of friends to tell you straight up that the guy isn’t good for you and proceed to find a replacement for you, whether you want one or not.

how to tell if your friend is a true friend

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What true friends don’t do is get angry when you can’t make their wedding because you have an exam. Or get jealous when you get a promotion. They know that your progress is their progress and vice versa. On the other hand, these are the type of friends you should stay away from.