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How To Stop Being Negative And Critical

how to stop being negative.
We all have that one friend that is always happy and in a good mood. Unless you’re the one friend, in which case you’re amazing and we love you. But for the rest of you who can’t seem to see rainbows and silver linings, we can teach you how to stop being negative. So you can become that friend who makes everyone feel better when they’re around.

This is how to stop being negative and allow people to love your company:

how to stop being negative

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Stop complaining

People who complain a lot are more likely to have bad things happen to them. You attract what you think. So quit the whining and complaining and stop seeing what’s going wrong and what you haven’t done right. The more you complain, the fewer people want to be around you and the more miserable you feel.

Make a gratitude list

People think this is just for kids but it’s not. It’s good for everyone of every age to have a gratitude list, preferably a daily one. So get a journal and write everything good that happens to you during the day. At the end of the day, go through it and you’ll see how much better your life actually is.

how to stop being negative

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Say something nice to everyone you meet

This can be hard especially when you wake up to a lot of work and have probably been chastised by your boss or lecturer. But do it anyway no matter how terrible you feel, make it a point to compliment someone else. You’ll be amazed at how good it will make you feel.

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Live in the moment

Hanging on to things that have gone wrong has never done anyone any good, that won’t change with you. So learn to live in your present moment and enjoy life as it is now. Avoid what ifs, should have and what will be and concentrate on enjoying what is.

how to stop being negative

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Don’t dwell on what’s wrong

In the same way, try not to dwell on what’s wrong in your life and what milestones you haven’t achieved. There’s a chance the people you’re competing with have their own issues to deal with that you can’t see.

Finally, you should always learn to see the silver lining in every situation and move on from things that don’t go well. This will help you attract more positivity into your life, and that’s how to stop being negative.

If you’re sad or depressed, this should help you.