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Is Your Sitting Position Making Your Back Ache? This Should Help

how to relieve lower backache
Back pain is very common in working women these days. Our sitting posture at work can be really terrible for our backs and can cause a lot of pain.

Knowing how to relieve lower backache is very important, so here’s what to do to ease the pain:

Walk straight and tall

Walk straight up and tall, not only does this give you the perfect posture, but it also gives you an air of confidence. Avoid looking down or slouching when you work, it can put a strain on your neck and shoulders which will lead to backaches.

how to relieve lower backache

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Sit with your back flush

When you’re sitting, make sure you’re sitting on a good chair with the right back support. Sit up straight with your back flush to the chair and your chest out. Avoid the need to slouch at all cost, slouching causes your spine to bend which causes backaches.

Exercise more

One of the most effective ways to relieve back pain is to exercise, not necessarily high-intensity exercises. There are exercises that target lower pain and realign your posture. So try yoga or swimming to correct lower back pain.

how to relieve lower backache

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Use a heating pad or ice pack

Heat and cold are very good for relieving backache temporarily. So for immediate relief from the pain, place a heating pad or ice pack over your back and let it seat. This isn’t a permanent fix and you should try to correct your posture to fix the source of the pain.

Sleep on your side

Your sleeping position is very essential for easing back pain. First, make sure you’re sleeping on a good mattress and isn’t too soft or sunken. Sleep on your side with a pillow tucked between your knees, and switch sides every day. Avoid sleeping on your back because it will worsen the pain.

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