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How To Register Your Business In Nigeria

how to register a business
Wondering how to register your business without having to pay someone to help you do it? Registering your business is no longer such a long and tortuous process. Yes, it could be better, but hey, at least you can save yourself some stress by doing the first part online.

Let’s show you how:

1. First off you’ll need to check if your chosen business name is still available.

Trust us, even though you probably feel like you’re the first person to think of that name in the world, a quick search will show you the truth. You can check for availability here. If the name is not in use, you can go ahead and reserve it.

2.  Fill the online CAC pre registration form.
How to register your business

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3. Pay the stamp and filing fee.
how to register your business

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4. Upload a signed scanned copy of your pre registration documents:
  • Pre-registration form
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Recognized form of identification for director/secretary/subscriber
  • Evidence of payment to CAC.
5. Submit original copies of the documents mentioned above to your selected CAC office and receive your certificate.

Wondering how much the entire process will cost? Find out here.

You can get any extra information you need from CAC.

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