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Fun Ways To Make Money As A Nigerian Student

How to make money as a student
Being a student in the university can be tough. You have to worry about keeping your grades up and also worry about money. Let’s face it, the money is never enough, is it?

There’s no need to wait for your family to send you pocket money anymore. With these ideas, you can become financially independent and even shock your parents by sending money home.

How to make money as a student

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If you’re wondering how to make money as a student, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get independent!

Here’s how to make money as a student:
Get a part time job

Balancing a part time job with your full time education will be tough, but worth it. You get to earn money, develop important workplace soft skills and gain priceless experience for when you enter the labour market.

Organize a campus event

Students just love to have fun.You can organize music concerts, seminars, a movie night, or any other event students will be interested in. Fix the logistics with the school authorities, ensure the event is paid for, and you’re making cool money.

Start a food business
How to make money as a student

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Food businesses will usually succeed, but on a university campus, the chances of success are greater. Add food delivery to your services and see students patronize you.

For your food business, you could sell regular food, noodles, small chops, popcorn, shawarma, etc The best part is that you don’t have to do it yourself. You can hire someone to prepare the food for you.

Photography business

Yes, everyone takes pictures with their phones these days, but people don’t mind taking hard copy photos for special events like the matriculation and convocation ceremonies. One regular source of income for a student photographer is taking passports. Seems like the uni authorities can’t get enough passports of its students, so you might as well make money from it.

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