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This Is The Mature Way To Handle Your First Major Relationship Argument

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The first fight in a new relationship can be a bit upsetting for both parties. Seeing a different side of each other and finally realizing that you have flaws can be very eye-opening. But if you know how to handle your first relationship argument, you’ll be on your way to a happier life together.

This is how to handle your first relationship argument:

Take a deep breath

There’s a tendency for things to get heated in an argument, avoid this and stay calm. When you feel the tension coming on, just take a deep breath and try to relax.

how to handle your first relationship argument

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Don’t assume it’s the end

Having a fight is not always the end of a relationship. It’s just a way to see your partner in a new light and understand that they aren’t angels. Everyone has flaws and weaknesses, the first fight is ideally supposed to help build your relationship.

Don’t compare

We have a tendency to compare patterns in our relationship with past relationships even when they’re not there. Whatever it is, deal with the issue and avoid comparing your partner to former relationships.

Deal with the issue

Avoid letting your feelings get in the way of understanding what’s going on. Address the issue when you’re having an argument and try to see things from both sides.

how to handle your first relationship argument

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Don’t hold a grudge

The easiest way to destroy your relationship is to hold a grudge after an argument. Holding a grudge builds resentment and this can become a pattern, so be sure to avoid it.

Compromise but don’t give in to ultimatums

In relationships you must be willing to make compromises, this is key when you’re having your first fight too. However, giving in to ultimatums is not an option. If he’s giving ultimatums during the first fight, you might want to rethink the relationship.

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If handled the right way, the first fight can bring you closer to your partner and strengthen your relationship. If however, the relationship is beginning to feel toxic, these signs will help you be sure.




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